DIY Best Out Of Waste — Creative Ideas To Get The Best Out Of Waste

I am a kind of person who likes to collect the garbage, I would always store it in a place where no one could see, and then make some amazing crafts and cute stuff out of it. I have made a storage container out of waste can the method is given below. So, let’s start if you need to know some ideas for DIY best out of waste.

DIY Best Out Of Waste
DIY Best Out Of Waste

Step 1: gather the material

This is a simple way to turn used cans into rustic looking storage containers. You’ll do this by gluing sisal rope, which can be purchased at most hardware stores, around your cans and their lids. For this project, you’re going to need:

  1. An empty soup or bean can
  2. A hot glue gun (and glue)
  3. Sisal rope
  4. Scissors
  5. A lid (at least ½” larger than the mouth of your can)
  6. Wooden knobs

Step 2: Clean out your can

You’ll want to be sure your can is clean and no odor remains from its previous contents. In most cases, soapy water should be good enough, but for stubborn odors, try leaving baking soda in the dry can overnight. Leftover odors can transfer to the new contents of your cans.

Step 3: Attach a Rope to your can to decorate it

A little bit at a time, apply your hot glue to the perimeter of the can in a circular pattern from the bottom up, sticking your rope to the can with the glue as you do so. This will give your can the appearance of being wound in rope. You’ll likely need to hold your rope in place for a few moments so the glue can set.

  1. Once the hot glue is applied, you’ll have to work quickly. Hot glue hardens fast.
  2. Continue to glue and wind the rope around the perimeter of the can until the can is completely covered by rope.
  3. When you reach the top of the can, cut the rope and glue the loose end to the can.

Step 4: Add a cap to the can

Apply hot glue around the edge of your lid to attach the rope to it. After you’ve lined the edge in rope, cut free any excess and glue the loose end to the lid. Then use your hot glue to adhere your rope to the top of the lid in a coil pattern. Glue a wooden knob to the center of the lid. Allow the lid to dry completely.

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