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Going back school irritates everyone just as much as it does to their kids. Yes, you get them out of the house, but now you have to listen to their complaints about tests and homework, their teacher complaining about some other things, and you get the huge bills for all their new school supplies. You can’t do anything for the first two things but for the last one you surely can do something more interesting and that will not cut your pockets. You can make some seriously cute DIY Back To School Supplies for your kids. They are really easy to make and your kids are gonna crush over them.

DIY Back To School Supplies
DIY Back To School Supplies

Given below are some of the easiest ideas to make DIY Back To School Supplies for kids, let’s have a look:

Personalized Notebooks

Personalized notebooks are just so amazing and if the notebooks are made interesting, every kid will study without getting bored. These notebooks can be made in just 10 minutes. You just need a plain basic notebook, some scissors, glue, colored card stock, and some decorative stuff.

French fries pencil holder

This is really nice and the best part of this DIY is, you can make an extra for yourself. You just need to print and cut down the french fry holder template and trace it onto illustration board and cut it out. Fold it and use glue to paste the container together from the inside. Paint the container and allow to dry completely. You can add a sticker or alphabet stickers to decorate it according to your choice.

Colorful Thumbtacks

You need to list your to-dos and put it on the notice board every week. So, how to make the notice board more interesting? I have the solution to your question. Let’s paint the thumbtacks. You just need some thumbtacks and a couple of different colored nail polish and you are done. You make different patterns and use a different combination of colors.

DIY Notebook Tote Bag

With some basic sewing skills, you can easily show everyone what a serious student is made of with this clever canvas tote bag. Carry all your school essentials in this cute and cool tote bag.

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