DIY Air Cooler | Economical & Effective Method To Be Relieved From The Heat

The summer season has its own pros and cons, with all the best fruits, ice candies and cool stuff it brings the heat, loo, and some humidity along with itself. When you know you are melting and you just need to cool down. our air conditioning is on the blink, or else you don’t have any, and no way to deal with this ridiculous heat. So, what can you do? The solution is simple: build your own air conditioner! Sounds too complicated? You’re about to find that it’s far easier than you think. Some of the best ways to make a DIY air cooler for your home are mentioned below. The projects demonstrate how easy it can be to cool down your home and beat the heat this summer. It’s just one of the cool DIY automation projects you should try. Given below is the easiest method to make DIY Air Cooler for yourself.

DIY Air Cooler

DIY Air Cooler

A fan and a tray of ice

So, don’t judge me as there isn’t a great amount of DIY about this one, but it is where the majority of DIY air conditioning projects begin: a fan with some ice. Rather than blowing air around a room with a fan, it blows cool air. Put some ice on a tray, in the form of cubes from your freezer. Put the fan in an angle slightly down, and the air is cooled as it passes over the ice.

Plastic Soda Bottle

This is a better alternative and not too difficult to at least give it a try. To make this, just strap small soda bottles to the back of a fan with the help of cable ties. Make some holes in the soda bottle and put the ice. Air is drawn through the bottles by the fan, and the air is cooled by the ice stored in the soda bottle. This is a great low-budget air cooling conditioning solution, one that you can put together in just a few minutes!\

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