DIY Affordable Solar Frames You Easily Make

DIY Affordable Solar Frames:

The future stands firm on nonrenewable sources of energy. From tapping the energy of the sun with solar panels; the wind with windmills and so many other options nature has provided us with a source that allows the earth to breathe. Pollution is the biggest killer worldwide leading to many diseases and infection that plague the world today. The sun is the source of all the energy that drives the world and tapping its energy through solar panels is one of the cleanest forms of energy. To tap the sun we need to build solar frames that don’t come any cheap. But with DIY, you can make affordable DIY solar frames.

Here is how you can construct an affordable DIY solar frame:


  • Solar cells 36 1.75 watts
  • 2 acrylic panels or glass
  • Aluminum or wood frame
  • Silicon sealant
  • Soldering iron and gloves
  • Saw, utility knife or blade
  • Wrench
  • Steel bolts
  • Measuring tape
  • Needle nose pliers
DIY Affordable Solar Frames
DIY Affordable Solar Frames


  • Make the layout of the solar panel on paper to visualize the complete panel.
  • Each 1.75-watt cell measures 6″ x 3.25″. Leave at least .25″ between each cell. 5″ at the sides and bottom and 2″ at the top for connecting wires. The panel size should be 28.75″ x 36.25″ for a 36 cell solar frame.
  • Cut the solar frame panel facings, the front panel should be clear glass or acrylic while the back should be white acrylic.
  • Attach the cells with a silicone sealant to the white acrylic panel.
  • For a 36-cell panel, cut each panel to 28.75″ x 36.25″
  • Obtain solar cells for the solar frame.
  • Join and attach the cells onto the frame. Make 4 rows of 9 cells each and solder the wires to join the cells. These rows are called “stringer.”
  • It is important to check the voltage and the wattage.
  • Apply a drop of silicon from the caulk gun into the center of the cell backing. Glue the cells to the white acrylic panel in rows.
  • Follow the series wiring pattern in rows. If the first row contains all positives facing toward the top, the second row should have all negatives facing to the top. Repeat till the 4 rows are complete.
  • Using a bus wire connect from the first tab on the first stringer to the second tab of the second stringer and solder, positive to negative. Repeat the chain, with the second bus wire to the second tabs of each cell.
  • Once complete, take a tab wire to connect the two end tab wires together at the top of the panel.
  • Drill a hole on the top of the solar panel. Put a fine line of silicon around the edges and attach the junction box. Join the wiring of the junction box to the stringers.
  • Place the clear acrylic top panel on top of the cells.
  • Make a frame by cutting 4 pieces of aluminum (or wood) according to the measurements with a 45-degree angle cut where the corners meet.
  • Make 3 holes in each aluminum frame siding, the size of steel bolts.
  • Bring together the frame around the acrylic sheets and cautiously drill holes through the two acrylic sheets. Using screws lock the sheets into place.
  • Seal the frame with a silicone gun and add the inverter and mount it onto the side of the frame.
  • Your DIY solar frames are ready to be mounted!!

An affordable DIY solar frame will help you make a functioning solar panel that will allow you to charge electronics, give electricity to light bulbs and fans and so much more.

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