CS Executive New Syllabus You Might be Interested in

CS Executive New Syllabus:

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is responsible for conducting the Company Secretary (CS) course in the country. The CS executive new syllabus has been designed with the aim to “encompass the innovative concepts of Core, Ancillary and hybrid subjects.” The CS executive new syllabus aims to nurture and train the future Company Secretaries of India with a wide and extensive knowledge base.

CS Executive New Syllabus
CS Executive New Syllabus

Here are the details of the CS executive new syllabus:

The CS executive’s new syllabus will be applicable for the 2020 examinations. The CS executive program comprises 2 modules and each module consists of 8 papers. Both the modules consist of 4 subjects.

Module 1:

  • Jurisprudence, Interpretation and general laws for 100 marks
  • Company Law for 100 marks
  • Company law, principles and concepts for 50 marks
  • Company administration and meetings – law and practices for 40 marks
  • Company Secretary as a profession for 10 marks
  • Setting up of business entities and closure for 100 marks
  • Setting up of business for 40 marks
  • Registration, licenses and closure for 35 marks
  • Insolvency, winding up and closure of business for 25 marks
  • Tax Laws for 100 marks
  • Direct taxes for 50 marks
  • Indirect taxes for 50 marks

Module 2

  • Corporate and management accounting (100 marks)
  • Corporate accounting (60 marks)
  • Management accounting and valuation (40 marks)
  • Securities laws and capital markets (100 marks)
  • Securities laws (70 marks)
  • Capital market and intermediaries (30 marks)
  • Economic, business and commercial laws for 100 marks
  • Foreign exchange management and NBFC’s for 40 marks
  • Competition law for 25 marks
  • Business and commercial laws for 35 marks
  • Financial and strategic management for 100 marks
  • Financial management for 60 marks
  • Strategic management for 40 marks

All the Interested candidate is required to appear for a pre-examination test to become eligible for the CS executive program. The CS executive new syllabus was modulated in the year 2017 and has ever since been the format for the CS executive exams.

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