Crossloop Earphones DIY | Step By Step Method

Your earphones deserve much more than they get and from this statement, I mean that when you buy a new earphones, we keep them so carefully as we know its value in our day to day lives. We just can not travel without our earphones. But just after a few days, we treat them as anything. We throw them, force them inside our wallets and what not. Is it justified? The thing that has such a great role in our day to day lives doesn’t have the right to stay safe? So here we have something really interesting and super easy trick for you and your earphones. This DIY easy a simple step by step method, which can save your earphones from breaking and will make your earphones super trendy and different. Crossloop Earphones DIY.

crossloop earphones diy
crossloop earphones diy

Given below is the step by step easy cross-loop earphones DIY, which will give some new fresh and unique clothes that would give it a trendy look and will keep your earphones from breaking.

Things that you need

You just need your earphones (any type would work)

Embroidery Floss

And a pair of Scissors

How to do it?

  • Firstly, you need to cut off the embroidery floss into a foot of string. Then take your earphones and tie the embroidery floss that you cut before and tie that on the base of your earphone. And make sure the knot is secure, so make it a double knot.
  • Now, after tying the knot, begin wrapping your earphones with the string and make sure you’re wrapping over the shorter end of the string. After a few wraps, cut off the shorter end.
  • Now, just wrap and wrap until you start running out of the floss.
  • Now, measure out another embroidery floss of a different contrasting color of the same length and cut it. But you can use longer than that as The longer the string, the longer the segment of color will be. So, the pattern is entirely up to you.
  • Now, take the second colored string and tie it with the first one. Just make sure you’re tying over the loose end of the first piece, to keep it from unraveling.
  • Now, wrap it and Make sure to go over both the ends of the first string and the shorter end of the second string. Then, cut off the excess string and continue this process on both cords and the connecting cord until you get to the spot where they all intersect.
  • Now, to cover up the intersecting part. Just wrap a length of another string around both top cords. Make a secured knot and continue wrapping it. And you are done!

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