Creative DIY Name Plate Ideas That Can Make Your House Look Creative

DIY Name Plate:

A name plate is a peek into the home…. an expression of who lives inside. With DIY, people have been donning their creative caps and making the most beautiful name plates. Using clay, Papier Mache, wood, paint and many such things name plates have been evolving with every passing day. DIY name plate ideas have flooded the internet making it difficult to choose one difficult.

Here is a great way to make your own DIY name plate:


Cold porcelain clay

Acrylic paint (ultramarine blue, crimson red, sap green, burnt sienna, white & black)

Steel ruler

Plastic sheet

Clay tools (optional )

Coir string


DIY Name Plate

Take a large chunk of clay for the base.

Prepare the base by mixing two to three drops of ultramarine blue paint in the clay. Mix and spread the color well and roll out the clay to form a thick rectangle. Make the edges smooth.

With a 2nd batch of clay, mix the white paint into it. Mix well until uniformly blended. Take a large chunk of white clay and roll it out into a thick long cylinder and flatten this out to make snow.

Stick this white clay snow sheet on the lower half of the blue base. Turn the base upside down and cut any extra clay. Press down the white clay and gently make it stick. You can use glue to get it down firmly.

Make 2 holes at the top end corners of the blue base.

Take 2 balls of white clay and flatten them into circles and make a snowman out of it. With the rest of the clay make small balls for snowflakes falling.

Make trees with green paint mixed with clay shaped into triangles. Mix brown paint to make tree trunks. Arrange the trees on the sides. Decorate the snowman with small red buttons of clay.

Place a transparent plastic sheet on the paper to prevent the clay from sticking onto it. Now make long, thin strings using red color clay and ‘trace’ the name on the plastic sheet. Let the letters dry on the plastic sheet. Once done, lift them out carefully and stick them with glue in the center of the nameplate.

Weave a coir string through the holes and tie a knot to secure it. Cut out any extra string. Your very own, customized clay nameplate is ready!

You can personalize this clay DIY nameplate any which way you like.

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