Creative DIY Indian Wedding Cards That Are Too Easy Make

DIY Indian Wedding Cards

DIY Indian Wedding Cards:

Wedding cards are the first glimpse of a couple’s entry into marriage and family hood. They set the stage and tone for the events to unfold for the big wedding day. Indian weddings are mostly huge family affairs bringing the family and relatives closer. The big fat Indian wedding is courtesy the huge families where the extended family comes together and make the entire wedding a festival to celebrate. The wedding cards are invitations extended to all loved near and dear ones to join in on the festivities.

Indian wedding cards are usually unique, traditional and resplendent. The internet has revolutionized the way wedding cards can be made. Long gone are the tedious DIY ways of making each painstakingly. These days it’s all about slick DIY printable cards and templates that can be made easily, customized to your wedding themes and don’t cost a bombshell. Innovative designs rule the roost for wedding cards.

Here is a sneak peek into how you can make your DIY Indian wedding card:

  • Opt for a matte finish paper for best results. You can also use textured, linen paper or glossy paper to make your wedding card
DIY Indian Wedding Cards

DIY Indian Wedding Cards

  • Use a thick edged paper for a classic feel to the Indian wedding card.
  • Designing the card is of utmost importance. Opt for a suitable typography, wordings, layout style and designs to give it a personal touch.
DIY Indian Wedding Cards

DIY Indian Wedding Cards

  • Download patterns from the internet in case of any confusion.
  • Choose a color combination that best suits your wedding theme, if you have one. In case you don’t have a wedding theme, opt for a happy and pleasant color tone to give it a festive feel.
  • Get your personalized stamp to give it a unique look.
DIY Indian Wedding Cards

DIY Indian Wedding Cards

  • Use ribbons to enhance the beauty of the wedding card.
  • Use punches to get creative, choose from a range of creative paunches to give a unique design to your wedding card.
  • DIY Indian Wedding Cards

    DIY Indian Wedding Cards

These ideas are sure to give your wedding card a unique look. Use DIY Indian wedding card ideas to spruce up the celebrations to your wedding day.

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