Cool And Creative DIY Light Box that Super Easy to Make

DIY Light Box:

With your smart phone becoming your camera things have changed for the better. We have people coming out of the closet and turning into chefs, beauty specialists, clothing experts, home improvement and so much more. You can take pictures like a professional of whatever you do and post them online. But to get that edge a light box really helps. The easiest way to make your products look more professional and desirable is to photograph them inside of a light box. A premade light box can cost  bomb but you can shoot the daylights out by making your own DIY light box.

Here is how:


  • A cardboard box
  • Packing tape
  • A box cutter
  • White tissue paper
  • White poster board


DIY Light Box

  • Cut out your light box: Using a box cutter, cut the flaps off the box. Cut out 3 sides of the box leaving about a 1 inch border on each side.

DIY Light Box

  • Cut the tissue paper to the size of the holes on the side of the box. Leave the edges that can be taped down. Tape the tissue paper to the box covering each hole. The tissue paper acts as a light diffuser and softens the incoming light and removes any shadows.

DIY Light Box

  • Cut the poster board to the size of the box and make sure it extends out of the box. Tape the top of the poster board to the top of the back of the box and let it drape down to create an infinity white background. You can also tape the bottom of the poster board to the bottom so it doesn’t curl.
  • Your DIY light box is absolutely ready.

With a DIY light box you can easily place your products and take professional looking photos. You can place the box in a well lit area or place a lamp above the light box.

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