Colleges That Offer Aviation

Colleges That Offer Aviation

Colleges That Offer Aviation:

Aviation is one thing that has always fascinated us, humans. How many of you always look up in the sky to see an aircraft cruising or just taking flight or landing for that matter!! We all do….. The enthrallment for the skies is never-ending. Many want to take up aviation as a profession for which there are numerous colleges that offer aviation in India and abroad too.

Colleges That Offer Aviation

Colleges That Offer Aviation

Listed below are some of the best colleges that offer aviation in India:

  • Government Flying Training School – GFTS: Established in 1950, it is one of the oldest flying schools in India. The school provides various courses including Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) involving a period of 24 months, Private Pilot’s License (PPL) involving a period of 12 months and Student Pilot’s License (SPL) involving a period of 6 months.
  • Haryana Institute of Civil Aviation – HICA: The College provides training to pilots and engineers with their three flying training centers. Established in 1966, it offers numerous courses like Commercial Pilot License (for 18 months), Flight Instructor Instrument Rating (for 4 weeks), Flight Instructor Rating (for 4 weeks), Flight Radio Telephone Operators License (for 6 months), Private Pilot License (for 6 months), Student Pilot License (for 6 months).
  • India Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy – IGRUA: Established in 1985, located at Fursatganj Airport Raebareli (UP). The academy has distinct civil aviation courses to offer for aspiring candidates such as B.Sc. (Aviation) for 3 years, Commercial Pilot License of 18 months, Certificate course in instrument rating (for 3 years) and Certificate course in multi engine instructor rating (for 3 years).
  • Indraprastha Institute of Aeronautics: The College provides aircraft maintenance engineering training courses to students. To provide the best training to its students, the institute owns a 60-seater heavy aircraft Avro HS-748 standing in their campus. The civil aviation courses include A.M.E. (Avionics Stream) and A.M.E. (Mechanical Stream) both courses involve a duration of 3 years.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Academy for Aviation Technology: Functioning under the aegis of government of Kerala, the objective of this institute is to promote art and science of flying, gliding and aeronautics. The courses offered by the institute include Private Pilot License (approx. one year), Private Pilot License with Commercial Pilot License (approx. 3 years) and Commercial Pilot License for PPL holders (approx. 15 months).

The aviation industry is on a high growth trajectory and many initiatives are being taken to expedite its growth. The colleges that offer aviation aim to do just that and more. “Flying is more than a sport and more than a job; flying is pure passion and desire, which fill a lifetime.” – Adolf Galland

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