Christmas Crib Ideas You Might Want to Know About

Christmas Crib Ideas:

Christmas celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Born to Mary in a manger, Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas crib and Christmas tree. We can see huge Christmas trees all decked up from top to toe with glittering ornaments and lights donning the shopping complexes, homes and other common areas. It is the Christmas crib that draws one’s attention to detail. The crib is also called the Nativity scene filled with the infant Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and accompanied by the angels, sheep, shepherds, the three kings, the guiding star, an ox, a donkey. People nowadays like decorating the crib as per their likes as much close to what has been described in the Gospel of Luke. Christmas crib ideas will help you decorate the crib in your home in a traditional yet modern way.

Here is a great Christmas crib idea:

Christmas Crib Ideas
Christmas Crib Ideas

Things needed:

  • Cardboard box
  • Brown paper or colored paper as per choice
  • Hay and straw
  • Sticks
  • Figurines of infant Jesus, mary and joseph, animals and other things to decorate
  •  Glue
  • Paper cutter


  • Take a cardboard box and clean it properly.
  • If it is slightly bigger than a shoebox, then cut the flaps of the box with a paper cutter.
  • Place the box on its side so that the open side faces you.
  • Either cut the flaps into thin strips and glue it on the top side of the box, or glue some straw or hay on the top to make it look like a manger.
  • Allow it to dry. Once done take some hay and straw and place it on the lower front base of the box.
  • Place the infant Jesus figurine in the crib in the center of the box.
  • Place Mary and Joseph around the crib along with the animals.
  • Take a star and place it on top of the box to signify the guiding star.
  • Put some fairy lights around the box and on top as well.
  • You can also place angels and the three kings to make it even more beautiful.
  • Your Christmas crib is ready for display.

Apart from this you can also use ice cream sticks to make a Christmas crib at home. You can use a wooden or metallic trough to make a Christmas crib and decorate it with lights, hay, and straw. Christmas crib ideas abound and you can choose anyone that looks best for Christmas this season.  

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