Choosing MBA after Civil Engineering

Undoubtedly, engineering ranks as a top profession chosen by the majority of the students after passing 12th in science in the country.  As civil engineering has a bright future, this field is chosen by many. Civil engineers have an important role is the mega development projects that are planned in India. It is because of the infrastructure that the economic growth of the country increases. This planning and executing the projects related to infrastructure in the country are supported and run by the civil engineers.

Choosing MBA after Civil Engineering

The significance of Civil Engineering

It is a dream of every country to have great infrastructure and brilliant construction. Economic growth is measured by it. Therefore, a country needs technical people like civil engineers who can make this dream come true. Recently, the government of India plans to invest up to 1 trillion $ (USD) in the infrastructure sector. As discussed earlier, engineers will play a big role in the mega development projects that have been planned, but to execute such mega projects one does not just need a civil engineering degree with it but a more specialised degree so that the person along with the technical knowledge could have the knowledge related to management. Such people who have technical knowledge along with that the managerial knowledge can make a huge difference in the countries economy.

The government, as well as the private sectors, are investing huge money in the infrastructure sector. The person with the perfect skills of infrastructure should further study specialised MBA in Infrastructure Management. This will add up to the knowledge of the engineer and he will be able to handle mega projects easily. This degree has a lot of scopes globally. This double knowledge not only increases the chances of doubling the salary but also provides the person with the chance to work with great people in the industry. It increases the exposure and provides many bright opportunities.

Choosing MBA after Civil Engineering

There are 3 types of courses in MBA that are best suited after civil engineering. These are namely construction management, infrastructure management and project management. Engineering provides the student with the basic knowledge about the part or course one studies, it provides the student with the knowledge of general tools which includes basic science principle, computer application, manufacturing tools and many more. The study is so basic that it does not provide you with complete knowledge about how to analyse any problem at hand, or what to do in order to make profits and achieve targets.

If the student wishes to do MBA he can learn about managing businesses as profit centres and analyse alternate investment ideas related to Project management, infrastructure management, and construction management. An MBA along with the civil engineering degree could be an ideal study. These people can prove to be the perfect candidate to be recruited by reputed builders, Construction material manufacturers like Cement, Steel, Paint, MDF, Hardware. The people with this type of knowledge can also be recruited by the construction consultants, reputed and well-known architects and interior decorators.

What after MBA?

The opportunities after doing MBA always increases. But the knowledge of civil plus specialization through management is beneficial not only for the person doing it but also for the country he is working in. Provided this person uses his knowledge in the right directions and decisions.  If the students want to continue the knowledge of this subject even after doing MBA then the student can obtain PhD in the same.  People pursuing civil engineering or have completed their graduation in it and are wondering about what to study further, all these people should consider MBA after Civil engineering. Work hard, get good marks in CAT or GMAT and a get a good college. As doing MBA from good colleges definitely adds up to the knowledge.

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