Best Schools in Bangalore

Every year students from Bangalore score exceptionally good. This surely proves that Bangalore is a great place for studies as private schools here are able to provide quality education to the students which results in their students’ success. Below mentioned are the 10 best schools in Bangalore.

  • NPS Koramangala

NPS Koramangala is one of the best schools in the city of Bangalore. This school is known tp produce IITians and IIMian. They school has great discipline because of which the students are given the right environment to study. The school was founded by Gopal Krishna. The moto of the school is to help the children to unlock their hidden potential and excel at what they do. It is difficult to get an admission in this school but you simply can’t pass up an opportunity to admit your child to this school. the school focuses on academics but it also allows it students to takes part in various co-curricular activities too. Along with that the school is best also because it provides its students with various responsibilities.

  • HAL Public School

best schools in Bangalore

The school is ranked in the top 10 CBSE schools in the city of Bangalore. The school building is so impressionable that you will want to admit your child right away. The school Is very beautiful when it comes to infrastructure. It is considered as a heaven for a child for his learning. Along with the amazing infrastructure, the school is also very good in proving quality education to its students. it creates an atmosphere where the child can lean and succeed. The rooms are well equipped and a lot of facilities are being also provided to him.

  • National Academy Of Learning:

National Academy Of Learning is another unit of the NPS group which is founded by Dr Gopal Krishna. The school focuses on child’s overall development. Along with the studies, the child is also given an equal chance to show his/her talent in extracurricular. The school is considered as a heaven for child’s learning. With all the facilities and education that the school provides, the student will surely succeed.

  • Sri Kumaran Children’s Home

The school is founded by Anasuya Devi in the year 1959. Sri Kumaran Children’s Home or Kumarans school is  more popularly known as a school with a difference. The school with its hard wok has made a positive reputation in the city. As it was founded in the year 1959, it has come long way since then in terms of infrastructure, ambiance, and academics. The school offeres state, ICSE and CBSC syllabi. With this, the school has a pool f eduated and tellented teahers, the school also follows three languages, namely English, kannada, and hindi. Along with the studies , the school also provides various activities where the child is allowed to show his talent and also all the types of activities which help to keep the student motivated and encouraged.

  • JSS Public School

best schools in Bangalore

The JSS school strongly believes in inculcating a desire to learn in its students by teaching him the importance of learning. The school also believes to teach the child about the rich heritage and culture of the country. JSS school provides various facilities to its students. as the school believes that learning is important for the child, it has perfect libraries.  the library plays an important role in the growth and development of children. The school library is well-stocked with select books, magazines, dictionaries, journals, and encyclopaedias.

The library section also has a reference section which has computers to look up information on the internet. Along with this various facility are also being provided.

  • Jyothy Kendriya Vidyalaya

The school is run by the JYOTHY CHARITABLE TRUST. The school was inaugurated in the year 1989 and is run by educationist Dr. B.N.V. Subrahmanya. The staff and the management of the school strongly believes in creating a platform for its children to develop critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. The school also teaches and moulds the child into socially responsible adults. The schools the CCE methodology of education that was recently introduced by CBSE. Along with the studies, the school also focuses on extra cu=curricular activities. It is a great school for a child to develop and learn.

  • K L E Society School

This school run by KLE group. The school  is known to be one of the best schools in its area. the group of institution strives to be global leaders in education and research. It is an ennglish medium as school and follows the CBSE syllabus. The faculty and the teachers are very supportive. They help in the overall development of each student. even the student teacher ratio in each class is 21:1.  The teachers are very and talented and well trained.

All classrooms are digitally enabled, and props and projects are helping children learn concepts Along with good education, the school also provides various facilities to its students. the rooms and laboratories are well equipped.

  • Kendriya Vidyalaya

KV’s helps in the growth and educational needs of children of parents who are working for the central government. Even the syllabus and methodologies the schools follow are designed by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghatan. Not all KV’s are the same. each Kendriya Vidhaylya takes the pain to adapt its way of teaching to meet the advancements of today’s growing world and render their students well-rounded development of the mind, body and soul. All the KVs follows three languages namely, English, Hindi and Sanskrit. The school does not follow the local languages. Along with the quality of education the school also has a large playground which enables the students to relax and encourage. The School succeeds in providing good education and maintaining the discipline in the school.

  • National Hill View Public School

National Hill View public school is another popular school in the city, Bangalore.the school is set at the top of a hill. It is well equipped with all the facilities that will help in the child’s development. The school focuses on the overall development of the child. The school follows the CBSE pattern. The teachers and the staff are very supportive and talented.

  • Presidency School

best schools in Bangalore

Presidency School is a co-educational school that believes in hard work strives to provide education to the highest standards. The school is Run by the Presidency group that was founded in the year 1976. The school is one of the most popular/famous and sought after schools in South Bangalore. Since it was stared the school has excel in providing quality education to its student.

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