Best Colleges In India For Psychology Choose What Suits You The Best

The scientific study of the mind and behavior is known as psychology. The subject has deep roots that date back to ancient Greece 400-500 years BC. Over a period of time psychology has developed many approaches to study the subject like functionalism, structuralism, and others. It was in 1879 that modern psychology rose owning to the efforts of Wundt who opened the first laboratory dedicated solely to psychology. Psychology as a subject has many takers among the student fraternity. There are some premier colleges in India that offer psychology. Before you decide as to which college to opt for, use parameters like scholarships, placements, curriculum, infrastructure etc. Here is a list of the best colleges in India for psychology:

Best Colleges In India For Psychology
Best Colleges In India For Psychology
  • Lady Shriram College, University of Delhi – With a fee of 14558/- per year the college offers one course in psychology.
  • Xavier’s College, Mumbai – The college offers one course in Psychology with a fee of 4787/- per annum.
  • Jain University, Bangalore
  • Christ University, Bangalore – The college offers 2 courses in psychology.
  • Fergusson College, Pune – The college offers one course in psychology.
  • KJ Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce, Mumbai
  • Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi – The college has one course in psychology and 28 scholarships are offered to the psychology students.
  • Presidency College, Chennai – The college offers one course with an annual fee of 1414/=
  • Mithibai College of Arts, Mumbai – The college offers 5 courses in psychology.
  • University of Calcutta – It offers courses at the undergraduate postgraduate and doctorate levels.

Psychology is a study that is related to the human minds that in turn affect the human behavior and attitude. This deals with the mental activities and with emotions and feelings of a person. It is a study related to the mindset and psyche of peoples. It is a study that relates to attitude of the people, i.e., how one person reacts to the things. A career in psychology can be very fruitful and satisfying. These best colleges in India for psychology help you to establish a career with the best pedagogy and infrastructure.

Psychology as a science attempts to investigate the causes of behavior using systematic and objective procedures for observation, measurement and analysis, backed-up by theoretical interpretations, generalizations, explanations and predictions.

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