Best Colleges For Interior Design Choose What Suits You The Best

The field that focusses on the design, layout, and beautification of interior spaces, buildings and other structures is the domain of interior designing. And people who specialize in this profession are called interior designers who work in a variety of residential and commercial settings. To become an interior designer you need to undergo a formal degree program like Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design and others from colleges that offer the same. The best colleges for interior design offer a variety of courses that help in specialization in the field of interior design.

Best Colleges For Interior Design
Best Colleges For Interior Design

Interior design is concerned with finding creative, technical, and innovative solutions to lay out the space of many types of buildings, like houses, theaters, restaurants, hotels, convention centers, airports, and hospitals. It addresses the structure of the room as well as its décor. The solutions offered are functional and visually appealing, and help in improving the occupants’ quality of life, and also considers the traditions of the occupants.

Listed below are the best colleges for interior design:

  • National Institute of Design (NID), Delhi

Courses Offered: 4-year B.Des courses in Furniture, Textile, Ceramic & Glass Design, 2.5 year M.Des courses in Furniture, Textile, Ceramic & Glass and Lifestyle Accessory Design

  • Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai

Courses Offered: 4 year BFA program in Interior Decoration

  • Sai School of Interior Design, New Delhi

Courses Offered: Certificate in Furniture Samadhan, Certificate in Vastu Shastra, 1-year Professional course in Interior Design, 2-year Advanced Professional course in Interior Design

  • Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur

Courses Offered: 4-year Undergraduate program in Interior Design, 2-year Postgraduate program in Interior Design, 3-year Vocational program in Interior Design, 1 year Short Term course in Interior Design

  • IILM School of Design, Gurgaon

Courses Offered: 4-year Undergraduate program in Interior and Furniture Design

  • Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

Courses Offered: MBA in Interior Design and Management, 3-year B.Sc in Interior Design, 1-year Graduate Diploma in Interior Design

  • CEPT University, Ahmedabad

Courses Offered: 5-year B.Sc in Interior Design, 2-year M.Des in Furniture Design, Master of Interior Architecture & Design, International Master of Interior Architecture & Design

  • Shri Devi College of Interior Designing, Mangalore

Courses Offered: 3-year B.Sc in Interior Design and Decoration, Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration

  • College of Architecture, Nashik

Courses Offered: 4-year B.Des program in Interior Design, Set Design and Furniture Design

  • Exterior Interiors Pvt. Ltd, Cochin

Courses Offered: 1 year National Diploma Course in Interior Design

These are some of the best colleges in India to pursue a degree in Interior Design. Interior design currently counts as one of the best fields for creatives in terms of job stability and salary potential.

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