Best Chinese Restaurants in Bangalore For Chinese Food Lovers

best chinese restaurants in bangalore

Chinese food is the most popular cuisine in India. From noodles and momos to prawns and chicken soups, everything is really famous and loved by each and every person. Even in South India, Chinese is a famous cuisine and chinese dishes are loved by the people. And what’s amazing about Chinese food is that lest you go to another branch of the same restaurant, you will hardly get to eat the same dish. All of these have the same sweet and sour prawns, fried rice, dim sums, noodles, and so on, but each restaurant has its own touch in the dish. We think its the versatility of this cuisine in this country that really makes so lovable. In Bangalore, every neighborhood has its go-to Chinese joint – a place we end up calling or going to for specific oriental cravings. While I wouldn’t trade the smaller Chinese joints for anything posh, the city does have a few fine dining Chinese restaurants that serve great food, even if they are way more expensive. Best Chinese Restaurants in Bangalore.

best chinese restaurants in bangalore

best chinese restaurants in bangalore

For all the Bangalore residents, here we have mentioned some of the best chinese restaurants in bangalore.


Hunan has some open and spacious ambiance with comfortable dining and bright lights. From the Pepper Lemon Garlic Prawns and Singapore Chilli Crab as starters to the stir-fried Chinese greens, and Hakka noodles, and General Tao’s chicken – the menu here is actually not identical to a regular Chinese joint. It serves two in around 1800 bucks.

Bangalore Mandarin

This is a renowned place among the locals. With Chinese, it serves some other Asian dishes, except for Japanese. It has some amazing interior with pretty lanterns etc. Menu for Vegetarians is limited here but has a variety of non-veg like Honey Sesame Prawns, Crispy Shredded Pork, Hot and Sour Chicken Soup, Kung Pao Chicken, and their mixed noodles are really delicious. It serves for two in around 1600 bucks.

Luo Han

This restaurant is the favorite spot for all the vegetarians who love Chinese. The place is decent with some of the traditional Chinese look. Some famous dishes from here are Thai Fried Rice with tofu and spring onions, Crispy Chinese Chop Suey, Vegetable Balls in Manchurian sauce, the Hot and Sour Soup and more. It serves two in around 1200 bucks.

Chung Wah

This restaurant has a chain of 19 outlets in the city and is famous as a dine-in and takeaway as well. Some of my personal favorites from here are Drums of Heaven, Golden Fried Prawns, Chicken Black Bean, Kung Pao Vegetables, Chicken Sweet Corn Soup, and the Chung Wah Chowmein. It serves two in around 1500 bucks.

Kim Ling

Kim Ling is set in a theme of old fashioned. The dishes here always reminds us of some old Calcutta Chinese joints where health was never a matter. Some of my favorites from here include Chilli chicken, momos, Chicken noodles, and prawns cooked in hot garlic sauce, and the crispy American Chopsuey. It serves two in around 1200 bucks.

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