Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) books

The Indian market is expanding at a fast rate, many companies are being added to the existing one, and the existing one is expanding in sizes. These companies require people who understand the business operations. BBA is the right course as it teaches all the required skills for business management. No matter in which college you are, try to excel in the course and your career will surely rise. BBA is an interesting course and BBA books shall be studied in that way and you will never find problems with the course.

BBA books for First Year

Semester I books      

  • Financial Accounting: Financial Accounting for BBA (English, Paperback, V. K. Goyal, Ruchi Goyal)
  • Principles of Management: Principles of Business Management, by Stephen P. Robbins
  • Quantitative Techniques – I Quantitative Methods for Business 1 by Rajesh S Rajaghatta
  • Microeconomics Principles of Microeconomics by Gregory Mankiw
  • Essentials of IT: Working with Personal Computer Software (2nd Ed.) – R.P. Soni, Harshal Arolkar,

Semester II

  • Cost Accounting: Advanced Cost Accounting Cost Management by SP Jain
  • Quantitative Techniques – II Quantitative Methods for Business 2 by Rajesh S Rajaghatta
  • Environmental Management & Corporate Social Responsibility: Business Ethics & Corporate Governance by Bhatia SK
  • Principles of Marketing: Principles of Marketing by Kotler
  • Effective Communications: Business Communication by RC Bhatia
  • Macroeconomics: Principles of Macroeconomics by Gregory Mankiw


BBA books for Second Year

Semester III

  • Direct Tax & Indirect Tax, Taxation (Direct and Indirect) (B.Com. 2nd Year)
  • Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management [Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)] by VSP Rao
  • Indian Economics in Global Scenario: Indian economy by Taxman
  • Operations Research: Operations Research by Bhushan Kumar
  • Consumer Behaviour & Services Marketing: Consumer Behaviour: Building Marketing Strategy by Delbert hawking’s

Semester IV

  • Human Behaviour & Ethics at Work Place; Human ethics by Raj Rituparna
  • Financial Management: Financial Management: Theory and Practice by Prasanna Chandra
  • Management Accounting: Management Accounting: Text, Problems and Cases by MY khan
  • Business Law: Business Laws by MC kuchchal
  • Business Analytics: Business Analytics by James r Evans
  • Customer Relationship Management: Customer Relationship Management: Concepts and Cases by Alok Kumar Rai

BBA books for Third Year 

Semester V

  • Strategic Management, Strategic Management: A Competitive Advantage Approach, Concepts & Cases 15 Edition (English, Paperback, Forest R. David, Fred R. David)
  • Advanced Financial Management, Financial Management: Theory and Practice by Prasanna Chandra
  • Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Ratios & Financial Statement Analysis by Jagdish Raiyani
  • Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management/Author Frank K. Reilly
  • Financial Markets & Institutions, Financial Markets Institutions & Financial Services by Vinod Kumar Atul
  • Sales & Distribution Management; Sales and Distribution Management: An Indian Perspective Pingali Venukumar
  • Retail Management; Retail Management by Dr.Ramanath.

Semester VI

  • International Business & EXIM: Foundations of International Business by Mukesh treham
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management: Operations and Supply Chain Management by Richard Chase
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Plan: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management by Steve Mariotti
  • Foreign exchange & Risk Management in Derivatives: Management and Control of Foreign Exchange Risk by Laurent L
  • Financial Planning & Wealth Management: WEALTH MANAGEMENT by Bradstreet
  • Advertising & Brand Management: Advertising and Sales Promotion by Satish Batra



These are the subjects per semester- vice and the related course books of each subject. The books told by the teacher during lectures carry more importance than any other site. The subjects mentioned above may differ as different colleges have different subjects for their course. Especially B schools have project report and assignments s their subjects too as these colleges provide a good knowledge of the course. These courses give theoretical and practical knowledge the same importance. BBA is considered as a generic course. After completing this course, one can choose different fields of interest for masters like journalism, entrepreneur etc.


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