BAMS vs MBBS – Which One Is Better For You

This article describes the comparison of BAMS vs MBBS.

What is MBBS?

Wearing a white coat of respect is a dream of every medical student. In India, Doctors are given respect and status in the society. Along with that, the profession is also financially well rewarding. All these factors together make this career a very popular and attractive choice among students. Bachelor in medicine and bachelor in surgery ( MBBS ) is a professional degree designed especially for the student and who has a keen interest in studying how the human body function.

There are a lot of private and government colleges in India who provide this course. It is a UG level degree medical course. The duration of the course is for 5 and a half years. It includes one year of internship where the students are given the practical knowledge about the subject. Admission in the government colleges is through the exam conducted by the government and private dental colleges at the all India level that is (NEET).


Exam in some of the private colleges can also be conducted through the separate exams by the universities itself. While studying MBBS student can practice as a general physician, someone dealing with minor ailments like a cough, cold, bruises etc. They can also open their own clinic. The students after studying MBBS also have an option of studying higher degrees such as MD or MS in different genres like Cardiology, Neurologist, Immunology etc. The student can also go for Clinical trials, or alternative medicine courses according to his or her interest. The course provides detailed study about various topics in 4 years. A student after studying MBBS has a lot of career options.

What is BAMS?

BAMS stands for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery. The duration of this course is the same as that of MBBS that is 5 years. The tenure of years includes 4 years of theoretical knowledge and one year of internship. The title awarded after BAMS is that of a doctor (Dr.).   Because of the ancient times, Indian Culture has a place in everything in the life of human including the health aspects even now.


A student wishing to make a career in BAMS shall know that it is one that incorporates orthodox medicine with the traditional one to bring about a better healing system for the body. Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (BAMS) is an undergraduate medical. It is based on Indian health medical system. The course is somewhat similar to homoeopathy.

The difference between the homoeopathy and the course BAMS is that the later deals and mixes both Morden medicine with the natural medicine suit the human body. After the student completes the course BAMS. He qualifies as an Ayurvedic doctor. The student then cures his patient using herbs and related medicines. He specialises in and treats patients with ancient medicines. The treatment using the Ayurveda medicine is slow but it is very effective.

After completing the degree, the student can either open his or her own clinic or work in any ayurvedic clinics or pharmacy stores. The student also has an option of clinical research or trials. In order to study higher, the student can also go for a course in Alternate medicine, panchakarma etc. In addition to all of this, the student also has an option to go for pursuing an MD or MS in Ayurveda.


The student after BAMS cannot pursue any specialization like MBBS. Both the degrees are vast and has different but related studies. Clearly, the career options after MBBS is a lot more than after completing BAMS. Although, the choice of the field shall depend on the interest of the student. Both the courses are rewarding in their own ways.


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