Very Affordable DIY Sheds That You Must Check Out

Affordable DIY Sheds:

Sheds can be a blessing especially for storage of all your handy things. Be it garden utilities or household equipment, a shed proves useful all the time. With constraints of space within the house, a shed can be built outside in the backyard or along the sides of the house for easy access. An affordable DIY shed isn’t a distant dream but a reality if you source the materials right.

Here is how you can make an affordable DIY shed:


  • 2 or more Pallets
  • 10- 2x4s
  • Nail Gun
  • Nails
  • Circular saw
  • Tape Measure
Affordable DIY Sheds
Affordable DIY Sheds


Frame the floor – Use pallets for the floor of the shed. You can use 2-3 pallets to make the floor depending on the size of the shed you are making. The one that we are making isn’t very big hence, only two pallets are being used for the floor.

Frame up the walls – Take 2×4’s pieces of wood and cut it to length. Decide on the height of the shed and cut the wood accordingly. Cut the other 2×4’s to length and place them across the top to connect each corner post. Add some bracing posts to run diagonally from corner post to corner post for extra stability.

Frame the roof and add roofing – Build a square the size of the garden shed alongside the top of the structure. Cut the 2×4’s wood logs to length to support the roof and outline it. Add slats within the frame of the roof to support the roofing by cutting 2×4’s wood logs to length. Place the roofing material like metal sheets. Metal roofing is durable and sturdy too. Cut the roofing material to match the size of the shed and overlap the sheets of metal. Once done, attach it to the roof with roofing nails.

Cover the outside walls – Use slabs or old siding or any salvaged wood to cover the outside walls. Cut the slabs lengthwise for each side and nail them on the side of the shed.

Store your things – You can add a door if you want from a pallet or just whole ply board. Your affordable DIY shed is ready for use. You can add wooden shelves on the inside to store your things or hang them on nails or hooks.

You can use hay to make the siding, or metal sheets, plastic bottles, bubble wrap, tarp, just about anything, completely depending on your budget.

An affordable DIY shed that is easy to make and solves all your storage issues too.

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