Very Affordable DIY Dog Fence That You Might be Interested in

Affordable DIY Dog Fence:

If you’re a pet lover especially dogs then you know what a pleasure it is to have a pet at home. A constant companion and friend, dogs can be a blessing in disguise. The dogs also need a lot of attention and care at the same time. They need to be walked and need a lot of physical exercises regularly to keep good health. If you’re a city dweller then the options to play with the dog are limited to public parks and open areas. However, if you have a large front yard or backyard around your house, you can make an affordable DIY dog fence for your dog to play with.

Affordable DIY Dog Fence
Affordable DIY Dog Fence

Here is how you can make an affordable DIY dog fence:

Deer Netting Dog Fence


  • Deer netting or garden netting to cover the circumference of your​​​ fence area.
  • Post digger
  • Studded t-posts
  • Zip ties
  • Garden stakes.


  • ​Take the T-posts and install the t-posts with the help of a post driver. Place the T-posts at least 4 ft. – 5 ft. apart.
  • Take the deer/garden netting and roll it out on the ground by the t-posts. Leave at least 4″-6″ of extra netting, which will go below the t-post. This netting will be moored into the ground so that the dog doesn’t dig his way out of the fence.
  • With zip ties fasten the netting from the top of the t-post. Working your way down secure the netting to the t-post. You can also use cable ties instead of zip ties for added strength.
  • Once you have reached the bottom of the t-post, spool the remaining netting inwards, to the inside of the fenced area. Secure the fencing into the ground with the help of garden stakes. Use at least 3 stakes per section. You can also use anchor pins for added strength
  • Your affordable DIY dog fence is now ready. Let your dog loose and spend some playful time with your pet.

One of the most inexpensive and affordable DIY dog fence ideas, this fence can be removed as easily as it was installed.

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