Very Affordable DIY Chicken Coop You’d Like to Use

Affordable DIY Chicken Coop:

If you live in the countryside, then fresh organic food is readily available right in your home. Garden fresh vegetables and fruits are grown in and around your house give you access to nutritious foods. A chicken coop ensures that you get a regular supply of eggs and meat too. So if you have been contemplating to make a chicken coop in your home, then now is the time.

Here is an affordable DIY chicken coop that you can make:

Affordable DIY Chicken Coop
Affordable DIY Chicken Coop


  • 4′ x 8′ footprint the size of a piece of plywood.
  • The chicken yard is 8′ x 12′ with chicken wire buried 2′ deep to discourage predators from digging under.
  • Deer netting over the top of the chicken run.
  • Outside door for egg collection
  • A clean outdoor
  • North facing windows covered with chicken wire
  • South facing stationary windows to allow a little light
  • Slanted steel roof
  • Seasonal water  hook-up near the coop
  • Excavate the area where the chicken coop is to be located.
  • Pre-build the coop foundation and floor joists in an open area.
  • Place the pre-built chicken coop base to the place that has been dug up.
  • Place the chicken coop with the posts in the dugout earth. Fill cement gravel mix to dug up area to hold the posts in place.
  • Cover the chicken coop with protective wire
  • Apply construction cement to the coop floor joists.
  • Nail the floor to the joists properly so that there are no loose planks.
  • Paint the chicken coop floor with enamel and let dry completely.
  • Take the pre-assembled coop walls and align them.
  • Erect the coop walls on the base of the chicken coop.
  • Erect the front coop wall and secure it in place.
  • Once the chicken coop wall is complete, install the chicken coop rafters for the roof.
  • Sheath the chicken coop with T1-11
  • Cut out a chicken door out of the sheathing.
  • Make an opening for collecting eggs.
    Place the nesting box in place in the chicken coop.
  •  Cut out an opening in the nesting box of the chicken coop.
  • Fix the windows in the chicken coop.
  • In the open windows nail in the chicken wire to secure them. The coop yard framing – this was pre-built with a wire running 2′ underground
  • Make a broad frame and cover it with chicken wire for the flock to move around.
  • Install the steel roofing
  • Install the deer netting on the outside frame
  • Completed Downeast Thunder Farm Coop

Now that you have made an affordable DIY chicken coop ensure that it gets natural sunshine and air. Place it in such a way that there is enough shade around the coop. The coop needs to be checked at least twice in a day and proper hygiene needs to be maintained to have a healthy flock.

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