Affordable DIY Babyshower Gifts Are Super Cute easy to Make     

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Affordable DIY Babyshower Gifts:

The stork is visiting with a little package. That’s the best piece of news in any couple’s life. Be it a baby girl or a baby boy, the bundle of joy makes life more joyous. Sharing the joy in a baby shower is always a pleasure. To join in the revelry, though can be a little confusing when it comes to gifting. Baby shower gifts. This is where DIY steps in to help you with baby shower gifting ideas.

Affordable DIY Babyshower Gifts

Affordable DIY Babyshower Gifts

Here are some super affordable DIY baby shower gifts:

Diapers bouquet – Diapers definitely do not come cheap and they never suffice with newborns. Ask any parent of a newborn and their first worry is to replenish the ever sagging stack of diapers. A sure winner is a bouquet of diapers packed and gifted for the baby shower.

Baby cocoon and cap – Nothing beats handmade things when it comes to baby shower gifts. Use your crochet skills and make a cocoon bag and a cap in different colors for the newborn. Ready to be swaddled, this baby shower gift brings a smile every one’s faces.

Affordable DIY Babyshower Gifts

Affordable DIY Babyshower Gifts

Baby blankets are another great baby shower gift. And one rolled like a milkshake is sure to get the parents to be drooling. Here’s how you can transform a baby blanket into this mouthwatering treat.

And if the creative juices are at work, then try making a wreath of all the baby products like baby powder, shampoo, lotion, cream, soap, soother, nail clipper, diapers, and many other things into a wreath to gift as a baby shower gift.

Onesies are a great gift for the newborn, the more the better!! Make cupcakes shaped onesies to use as a baby shower gift in this unique and cute little way.

The list is endless on what to gift for a baby shower, but affordable DIY baby shower gifts take the cake with their unique presentation and utility.

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