4 Amazing DIY Toys To Keep Your Kids Busy and Energetic

When a child comes into your house, your house gets filled with all the happiness and cheers. The child brings a lot of joy and togetherness with itself. With all the happiness, your house also gets filled up with all baby toys, accessories, clothes, etc. As he or she is small and can’t demand, you give him anything he will play with it. But as the child grows a little big then he starts to demand his favorite toys and getting all the toys your kids want would be impossible and may even spoil your child. Why not find a way where you can balance this out by encouraging them to make their own toys? This will not only help in improving their brain development but would make them appreciate the toys they already have. Let them learn the new methods and skills with you using these toys. These toys can keep your kids energetic and also let the parents and family interact with the kids more often. There are several games that can be enjoyed with homemade toys. Let’s see which one is perfect for your little one. 4 Amazing DIY Toys.

Given below is the list of 4 amazing DIY toys for kids that are easy to make and good to play.

Water Balloon Launcher

Playing with Balloons is just a perfect type of fun, and for kids, if you have water with the balloons then What else do you need? The water balloon launcher is really easy to make and just need some balloons, elastic wire, balloon holder, and a handle strip.


Periscope is just a combination of mirrors set in an amazing way. The wonders of mirrors looks really fascinating. The periscope with the use of the mirror to give the image of some other angle will always keep your kids wonder. The little toy of wonder can be easily made with a rectangular box and two mirrors. You just need to get a foam board, two mirrors, and some duct tape.

Spinning Disk Toy

Spinning Disk Toy is a kind of toy that your kid will surely love and will also boost his or her energy. The small toy uses a string to spin the button which is attached. This little spinning disc can keep your kids in wonder. You just need 2-foot length strings, buttons and a pair of scissors.

Socks Puppet

Kids always love things that are little, cute and pretty. The socks puppet are easy to make and you just need fluffy socks, googly eyes, glue and some ornamental kinds of stuff.

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