10C Free Download Word Format

10C Free Download Word Format

10C Free Download Word Format:

What is Form 10C?

The Form 10C is required to be filled by every employee and it shall be submitted when the employee wants to claim the benefits under the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS).

It shall be noted that it is important to fill the Form 10C every month as a part of the overall PF contribution of an employee is divided into the Employee Pension Scheme.

10C Free Download Word Format

10C Free Download Word Format

The Form 10C is a 4-page document in which you are required to fill up the first 2 pages of the form. The 3rd page of the form has to be filled only if you have taken any advances/loans against the account. The final page of the form is for the administrative purpose and so it shall be left blank by you.

Details that you will have to fill in the first and the second page of the form are mentioned below.

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Father’s name and/or husband’s name
  • Employer address
  • PF account number
  • Joining date with the employer
  • Reason for leaving and date of leaving
  • Full address
  • Particulars of family/nominees
  • Mode of remittance
  • Date and signature, and some more details about age and account details for remittances

Details that you have to fill in the third page of the form are as follows.

  • Sum received
  • Details of wages and period of non-contributory service of a member
  • Date and signature

The final section is meant for administration purposes only. This will be filled by the relevant authorities

Download the Form 10C in the word format here.

Form 10C

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